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Elevate Your Business with The Little Acre Strategic Brand & Marketing Workshops and Mentorship Programmes

The Little Acre offers specialised sessions designed to elevate your business through targeted strategic planning.

At The Little Acre, we understand that a strong foundation in strategy is key to sustained success and growth. Our workshops are tailored to help you achieve precise alignment between your business goals and the competitive market landscape.

Explore our range of workshop options:

Marketing Strategy Workshop

Dive deep into the dynamics of the market with our Marketing Strategy Workshop. This session is crafted to help you identify your target audience, understand their needs, and how best to communicate your value proposition.

We’ll cover the latest marketing trends and tools, enabling you to craft a comprehensive marketing plan that boosts visibility, engagement, and ROI.

Whether you're launching a new product or looking to strengthen your presence, this workshop equips you with actionable insights and strategies to make a lasting impact.

Pricing starts at $750 + GST

Tailored Marketing Strategy Workshops

Our Marketing Strategy Workshop collaboratively develops a comprehensive strategy aligned with your goals. Offering half-day sessions, full-day sessions, and multi-day workshops, where we provide you with clarity and help you achieve your marketing aspirations. Identifying your target audiences, assessing current efforts, brainstorming creative initiatives, and developing actionable strategies to drive your business forward.


The primary objective of the Marketing Planning Day is to collaboratively develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with your business objectives. Throughout the workshop, we will focus on:

  • Identifying target audience(s) and consumer personas

  • Assessing current marketing efforts and their effectiveness

  • Brainstorming creative marketing initiatives

  • Establishing clear and measurable goals

  • Formulating actionable strategies and tactics

  • Allocating resources efficiently

  • Creating a timeline for implementation

  • Developing methods for tracking and evaluating success metrics


  • Custom Questionnaire sent ahead of time to gather pertinent information about your business and objectives

  • Comprehensive Marketing Plan outlining strategies, tactics, timelines, and budget allocations

  • Action Points summarizing key decisions and responsibilities agreed upon during the workshop

  • Detailed marketing plan & schedule for 3 months following session (full-day session only)


Half-day session: $750 + GST
Full-day session: $1400 + GST

Multi-day sessions: Quote on request to fit your custom needs and requirements

Brand Refinement Workshop

Gain clear, directional insights with our Brand & Marketing Mentorship Programme.

This mentorship is ideal for businesses seeking to sharpen their brand’s focus and ensure alignment across all elements of branding. From visual identity to voice, we examine each component of your brand to ensure it closely aligns with your business objectives and market expectations.

You'll finish this programme with a crystal-clear vision of your brand and the tools to effectively implement your newly refined brand strategy. Whether you are new to business, feeling stuck, or looking for a fresh perspective, our mentorship provides the guidance and support you need to succeed.

Tailored Mentorship Programme

This mentorship is ideal for new small business owners, those feeling stuck, or anyone seeking a fresh perspective. Tailored to fit clients' specific needs and outcomes, it offers a lower-cost alternative to our comprehensive Marketing Planning days.


  • Sharpen your brand’s focus and ensure alignment across all branding elements.

  • Develop a clear, consistent brand voice and identity.

  • Provide actionable marketing strategies to achieve your business goals.

  • Offer personalised guidance and support to navigate branding and marketing challenges.


  • Comprehensive brand audit report.

  • Strategic goals document.

  • Brand positioning statement.

  • Refined marketing plan and content calendar.

  • Long-term action plan.

  • Weekly email check-ins.


One-Off Call: $350 NZD + GST, a one-off session to address specific issues or brainstorm ideas.

3-Month Mentorship: $250 per call, or a one-off payment of $675 + GST.
6-Month Mentorship: $250 per call, or a one-off payment of $1300 + GST.

Design Work: Available at an additional rate of $165 per hour.

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