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The Little Acre Strategic Creative Studio: Our brand story.

A well-rounded brand tells a story and harnesses a company's unique heritage, while clearly communicating a company's essence. In our case, we walked our talk and applied our own process to The Little Acre's brand.

The Little Acre journey

Liora grew up in Northern California, surrounded by rolling hills and grand oak trees. 17 years ago she moved to New Zealand. She currently resides in Cambridge, New Zealand where the rolling hills of the Waikato mirror those of her homeland.
Liora has an extensive background in graphic design and is known for her minimalistic, classic designs that are easy to recognise.

The Little Acre was created to provide branding, creative and design solutions to customers big and small. We wanted a brand that would communicate how big things can grow from small ideas, and how a small studio in Cambridge can deliver mighty results.

The Design Decisions

It made sense to recognise the natural beauty of both chapters of Liora's life in the brand; the oak leaf stems from her Palo Alto upbringing, while the greens and earth tones recognise the natural beauty and agricultural powerhouse that is the mighty Waikato.

As with any good design, a few iterations were required to really hone in on our end result. We went through a few iterations to land on the design that is The Little Acre's brand.

The Acorn

The acorn represents the potential that an idea can have. How great things can grow from small beginnings. We have seen how our branding, website, and print design services have enabled our customers to grow so this choice made a lot of sense to us. It also was a nice nod to the Oak Tree, which is prevalent where Liora grew up.

We went through a few iterations of the acorn but found that it wasn't easily recognisable at a distance, so our journey continued.

The Oak Tree

This was another option for us, however it didn't clearly communicate the journey. Trees are well established and rooted, this wasn't quite the right symbol we wanted to portray.

While many of our customers are established businesses, with a clear brand identity, we felt that the fully grown tree didn't communicate the fact that there is always new potential for growth and improvement. New ideas are always one brainstorm session around the corner.

The Oak Leaf

The Oak leaf is our clear winner.

The leaf is part of a larger whole and represents new life while being more visually recognisable at a distance and across other mediums.

Combined with our grounding, natural colour palette, the oak leaf was refined and selected as the new brand identity for The Little Acre. Paired with a friendly sans-serif font and classic script, the brand was completed.

Liora Pine


Our founder, Liora Pine, started the company because she wanted to share her years of design experience and help people visually showcase their stories.

Originally born in Palo Alto, California, Liora spent years working in the graphic design industry before settling down in New Zealand in 2007. 

Fast forward a few years and The Little Acre has become a leading creative design studio, with clients from Cambridge to San Francisco – and everywhere in between. In keeping with Liora’s style, everything we create at The Little Acre has a fresh, modern and refined design aesthetic.

With hands-on experience across a range of design businesses, from small creative studios to large agencies, Liora brought all that experience together with The Little Acre. 

Marty Pine


With a remarkable 25-year tenure across multiple sectors in New Zealand, Marty brings a wealth of insight and leadership to Pine Consulting. His journey spans from hands-on software development to roles in Project Management, Management, Operations and Leadership.

Throughout his career, Marty has has orchestrated transformative business changes for both global giants and local enterprises. Today, he extends his invaluable expertise to Waikato businesses, offering strategic, tactical, and management consulting services.

Marty is not just a consultant; he's an experienced operational leader uniquely poised to provide Waikato businesses with the guidance and advice they need to thrive in today's business conditions. His mission is to empower businesses in the region to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and flourish.

We take the time to get to know you

Here at The Little Acre, we value our customer relationships. Nothing makes us happier than seeing your vision come to life.

Because our job is to tell your story, we take the time to get to know your business and who you are. We’re not afraid to ask a lot of questions. By getting to know what makes you tick and where your business is headed, we’re able to craft something that authentically represents your vision.

Guiding you through the design journey, we’re committed to providing an honest service. Always keeping you in the loop, we make sure all of our designs are tailored to your unique brand and are cohesive across all mediums.

So whether it’s your logo, product packaging or marketing material, we provide all the options for how you want your design to be used and give you the direction you need to take your brand and design forward.  

It’s not only what others are saying when you’re not around, but how you make them feel.

As a talented team of creatives, we love our work, function like a family and are always striving to do good by the world. Proud of what we do, our creative team love delivering beautiful results. 

With years of industry experience, we’ve got a solid handle on all things design, from strategy, to print, to web. For every project, we draw on all of our skills in our creative toolkit to produce designs that are bold, inspiring and true to the brand.

An energetic team driven by creativity

Proud of what we do, our creative team love delivering beautiful results. With years of industry experience, we’ve got a solid handle on all things design, from strategy, to print, to web.

For every project, we draw on all of our skills in our creative toolkit to produce designs that are bold, inspiring and true to the brand.

Our partners

As lovers of all things design, we get a kick out of collaboration. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with some of the most talented creatives in New Zealand and the USA.

We partner with web developers, copywriting experts, photographers, and strategists, just to name a few. So whether we’re creating your logo, brand guide, or website, we work closely with our industry partners to make sure all your needs are taken care of.

Now you know our story, so what’s yours?

Whether you need a website designed, a business logo, or even signage, our design team are here to make your vision come to life. Get in touch and let’s hear your story.

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