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At The Little Acre we believe Strategy and Design, make a powerful combination

At the Little Acre we pride ourselves on ensuring that our designs deliver on our customers' strategic vision. Sounds great, but what does that really mean?

Business Strategy

A clear business strategy outlines a company's long-term vision and competitive goals. Think of it as the road map for a company's future objectives. Knowing what "true north" looks like for your company helps you make better day-to-day decisions and keeps you focused on doing the right things. Saying "No" to things that don't serve your direction is an important discipline.

Achieving your strategic goals happens day by day, decision by decision. It is a process. We must understand this mission as an input into our designs so that we are aligned with your strategy, not clashing with it.

Design Strategy

Design strategy supports business strategy by ensuring our design decisions align with and drive the company's objectives and market positioning. When these two disciplines don't align, the result can be discordant and customers get the feeling that a company may not be genuine in their messaging, and trust is eroded.

Our design strategy supports your business goals so the end result is in harmony with your business's strategy, building trust with your customers and increasing engagement.

Our Consulting Services

Where Business Strategy and Design Strategy overlap is our happy place. Harnessing these two distinct disciplines ensures that our designs align with your vision, and propels your business in the right direction.

Discover how we can help elevate your business:

“We don't rise to the level of our expectations,
we fall to the level of our training.”
― Archilochus

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