Eye-catching print designs that bring your brand to life

From business card design, to brochures, to packaging – we get a thrill out of creating stunning graphic designs

Here at The Little Acre, we’ve got a passion for creating designs that you love, and that your customers will remember.

We believe that beautiful print design can truly brighten up your brand and bring it to life. It can make your product pop on a shelf, catch the eye of a passerby, and create a long-lasting impression.

With over 15 years in the design industry, we know there are many directions to take your designs and we’ve covered just about every one. From posters, to gift cards, to internal spatial design - yep, we’ve got that covered too!

We’re here to make your ideas come to life

Here at The Little Acre, we thrive on creativity.

We’re not the kind of people to turn down a challenge. Instead, we love to embrace your out-of-the-box ideas and transform them into beautiful, inspiring designs.

We believe that design should always be a collaborative thing. Of course, we can bring the expertise and the creativity, but we also value your input and ideas. Because at the end of the day, we ensure that we design something that perfectly matches your vision.

To us, every design should be memorable. So whether it’s a one-off brochure,
or your business stationery, our graphic and print designs are made to perfectly match your brand.

What we do

Whether you need gift cards for your salon, packaging for your skincare products, or marketing material for your insurance company, we create distinct and delightful print designs that’ll put a grin on your face.  

Keeping in mind that every business has different needs, we tailor our print design services on request. Whether it’s a one-off job, or across-the-board design, we can create:

Brochures   |   Flyers   |   Posters   |   Business cards  |  Corporate stationery  |  Packaging  |  Environmental Signage  | 
Vehicle Signage  |  Internal spatial design

How we work with you: your design journey

Here at The Little Acre, we’re a friendly crew of designers. Whether it’s over a coffee or on the phone, we love hearing about your unique vision.

From day one, we’re here to listen to your ideas and walk you through each step of the design journey.

1. We get together and hear all about your ideas

Like any good partnership, the first step is getting to know one another. We start by have a good old meet-and-greet. That’s where we find out about you, your business and what kind of print design you’re looking for.

Whether you’ve got a specific design in mind, or need some creative inspiration, we make sure we understand all your needs in order to turn your idea into a reality.

2. We walk you through the designs and make sure they’re perfect

The next step is when our design team has their creative fun. We create three different design options and sit down with you and walk you through each one.

We want to make sure you get a design you love. This part is all about hearing your feedback and going through up to three rounds revisions to make sure the design is just what you’re after.  

3. We wrap up the design and show you what’s next

This last step is our favourite. That’s when we get to show you your beautiful finished design.
When it comes to printing options, whether it’s your stationery, signage or packaging, we can help you get great industry rates from our talented printing mates. And don’t worry, if you prefer to sort out printing yourself, we make sure you know the best printing options for your design.

“The Little Acre made sure I got what I wanted. Liora never at any stage rushed through the process, and kept me involved every step of the way. They always asked very specific questions to make sure I got what I wanted.”

Nikki - Crucial Corrections

Where to next?

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