Get a brand identity you want to show off to the world

Let’s work together and create a brand that you love

We know that every business is unique and has their own story to tell.

To us, branding is all about sharing your story with the world. To have a memorable brand is to captivate your customers with your visual personality. The best brand design can make your shop front stand out on the street, or spark a memorable impression with a business card.

Most importantly, your brand should tell your customer who you are, what you do and how you are different.

How do you do that? Well, that’s where The Little Acre brand design comes in. From signage, to stationary, to social media – our brand design team create all the beautiful puzzle pieces that make up the bigger picture: your brand.

​We’re the kind of brand designers who love hearing your story​

With all that in mind, the team at The Little Acre are here to help you discover, create and showcase your brand with bold, memorable brand design.

With over 15 years of experience, crafting beautiful brands is what gets us up in the morning. To us, creating a brand that you absolutely love is paramount.

That means we’re only happy when you are. So whether you’re looking for a fresh logo design, a distinct branding style guide, or captivating social media branding, we’re here to deliver something that makes you smile.

“The Little Acre helped us completely rebrand our company”

“We came to The Little Acre because our company brand wasn’t reflecting who we were. The team at The Little Acre took all of our ideas on board and created a full brand guide that matched the vision that we had in our heads. Throughout the whole process, the team were easy to deal with and extremely helpful. Whenever we had questions, they’d always provide an honest answer – that’s something we really valued.” 

Francis, FV Design & Build

What we do

Multi-talented and full of energy, our brand design team works with businesses from all walks life.

Whether you’re starting your business from scratch, are looking to rebrand your logo design, or taking your business in a new direction, our energetic brand design team is ready to put your plan into action.

Our range of branding packages are tailored to your different needs. With creative strategy and a knack for all things design, we can provide:

  • Branding style guides
  • Logo designs
  • Brand strategy

    • Social media designs and strategy
    • Branding marketing material

    How we work with you: your branding journey

    We love working together. Think of us as your team mates. So whether you’ve got a burning question, want someone to bounce ideas off, or just need some honest advice, we’re always around to help you.  

    1. We discover your brand identity

    The first stage is getting to know your business and understanding your needs. We take the time to ask lots of questions to figure out your unique brief. What’s your personality? Where is your business is heading? What do you need to move it forward?
    With an honest approach, we work alongside you to hone in on your unique brand identity and strategise how to grow it.

    2. We give you design choices and refine it until it’s perfect

    Once we’ve discovered your brand, our design team gets to work and presents you with a look and feel moodboard and three different design options.
    Keeping you informed throughout the journey, you’re able to get a real, tangible feel of your logo design and how it can be used. Guiding you through the designs and hearing your feedback, we kick around three stages of revisions in order make sure your unique brand design is something you’re proud of.

    3. We deliver your final design that’s ready for you to show off

    Once we’ve discovered and refined your final design, we provide everything in the formats you need. All logos are provided in correct image formats, and you’re given an easy-to-understand brand guide, clearly laying out fonts, logos, and colour palettes.
    We take the time to guide you through every visual aspect of your brand, so you can feel confident and excited to show off your brand.

    ​Looking for brand design that stands out?​

    Get in touch and let’s discover your brand identity.

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