Logo vs Brand

While a logo is only a small simple mark, a brand includes every single touch-point your customers have with your company. 

The difference between a logo and a brand can be confusing for many as the words are often used incorrectly - fret not we're here to help clarify the difference between the two.

A Logo:  A logo is also known as a mark, brand mark, trademark, wordmark, logotype, symbol, or brand icon. It is a graphic and/or typographic mark that identifies your organisation/business. And that's it - that's the end of what a logo is, nothing more.

A Brand: This is everything else that helps support your logo to give your company it's true identity. It includes colours, fonts, imagery style, etc. It can even go as far as the type of communication style you use with your clients, what language is used via social media.

To help remember the difference between the two think of your logo as face but your brand is your personality and you as a whole person.


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