5 easy steps to an effective website

1 Say what you do in the main heading

The main heading on your home page should summarise what you do in 2 lines or less. Don't write "Welcome to my website" or "Welcome to the website of My Business" as this communicates nothing to your visitor.

2 Tell people why they should choose you

How are you different to your competitors? Explain the strengths of your product/service in the first paragraph of the page, ideally below the main heading.

3 First impressions - Make it visually interesting

Is your site dull, boring, confusing? If people get a bad first impression, they'll leave within seconds. Good quality, relevant photos help add colour and interest to your home page. One large photo is more effective than lots of small ones.

4 Call to action - Get them to do something!

What do you want your visitor to do? Call to actions will vary from business to business and could be a button that links to a page, to a shop or a product page, to Facebook or it could just be a phone number in the header. Guide the customer through your site.

5 Assume people don't read paragraph text

Most people won't read long website text unless it's broken up by clear headings. People can quickly skim headings to find content that is of interest to them. Don't put important messages or calls to action inside paragraphs.


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